The best time to create new drawing?

I’m new to animation period so a lot of the basics are still foreign to me. I’m trying to make a short that involves two main characters, a butterfly and a robot. Should I use a single drawing for everything each character does or should I separate each action or angle into a new drawing? Also, any animation guides for newbies that go over this kind of thing would be most appreciated.

I assume you are trying to do a traditional type animation with a new drawing each time anyone changes? If so for each character create a layer then each time you move to a new cell right click on it and create new drawing (it will automatically do this if the frame is empty).

If you are totally new watch the kickstart tutorials you can download from the toonboom site, then maybe try my tutorials, adam phillips tutorials (search on youtube) and check out betterflashanimation for even more tutorials!

Thanks. That was very helpful actually. A quick search of the beterflashanimator site didn’t help with my current question so I hope you can help.

With Toon Boom, is each shot of a storyboard split into its own project and then spliced together later or do you try to do as much as you can in one file?

I don’t use storyboard so I can’t really comment on the best workflow with it. However you want your scenes to be manageable.

check out this great post by LillyV on it;action=display;threadid=1886

Thanks. That post helped a lot. Now I have an issue with the camera. I am trying to create a perspective view by moving the items in top view like in the tutorials. But when I select maintain size and move the sky back it ignores it and shrinks it down like it would by default. Is there something I missed?

Edit: Never mind. I was holding down shift to move it straight back which caused the problem. Just dragging it back let it work like it should.