The Best Tablet PC / Mac for ToonBoom Products

Hi All,

Okay, I’m a Animate Pro, Storyboard Pro, Mac user, and would love to take my work on the road (to Starbucks usually, to get work done around caffeinated people). I bought a Wacom 12 inch Cintiq, but realized that combined with my weighty 17" MacBook Pro, I might as well be taking a dialysis machine to Starbucks. I’ve thought about getting an Axiotron Tablet Mac, but not sure if the base model is powerful enough, and the 15 Pro model is $$$ and I’m not sure if it’s even shipping yet.

Although netbooks may not have much power in comparison, it’s exciting to see that they are surfacing with touchscreens (see where I’m going?). Mac Hacks are transforming Netbooks to mini Macs, and that rumored MacTablet keeps me on the geeky edge of my seat.

So after all my rambling, my question is, what does the future hold for taking ToonBoom on the road?

I would recommend a tablet PC (slate) from motion computing - I am using one of their early models and have been quite happy with it. Just remember to install the free wacom tablet driver for full pressure sensitivity support with all programs ( like GIMP and Photoshop - however, you don’t need a new driver for use with Corel Painter and Alis Sketchbook Pro). Oh, yeah - and remember to get the “anywhere screen” - it’s not so great in direct sunlight but it holds up pretty well on the go - and it’s just ducky for indoor use!

Hey, fellow Mac user. I actually bought a refurb bluetooth (BT) wacom tablet. I have not had any problems, other than the fact that BT is a battery hog. It is small but honestly for a laptop, I think it works just fine. I also have a much bigger tablet for my desktop that is connected to 2 screens.