The Animate Tour

Wow I had never noticed the Animate Tour on
The things the guy mentions and does with Animate Pro are absolutely incredible. I think you can use AnimatePro for about a year and still not touch on ALL of it’s features.

It kind of Sucks though that regular animate’s tour is not as cool or in-depth. From the comparison there are a lot of things that you can do in both versions, except for that network view, more special effects, so that cool tour applies to most of regular Animate too right? … or am I just day dreaming?

I wish I could just learn this thing inside out already! - that’s my closing statement. :-\


Thank you so much for your comments on the Take a Tour feature. I will pass your comments ahead - perhaps we can improve upon the Animate Take A Tour. Indeed, many of the things that you would see in the Animate Pro tour would be applicable for Animate as well.

We try to provide as many different resources as we can for learning, from the User Guide, to the tutorials. Everyone learns differently and we try to foresee the different learning styles.

Thanks for your feedback!

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