That grid

i make an entire 10 second cartoon unaware that the preloaded grid in the workspace is essentially the frame of what can and cant be seen/ this is correct right or did i do something wrong


Yes for the most part the grid is the rendered area- for video sizes like HD (the others as well) all you have to do is go to camera view and it will outline the area of the grid which will be rendered. Pretty-cool.


The “Grid” you see is more closely linked to the elements in Drawing view than the final render.
When planning the layout of your scenes, you need only rely on the “Camera” frame. This is exactly what will be rendered. It will be different dimensions, depending on your chosen project resolution, and shows up as a black frame in Camera view. (Try showing/hiding the Camera layer in the Timeline to see what it does).
See the section on “Setting the Camera Frame” in the documentation. Also, make sure you read the documentation to learn about the differences between Drawing and Camera view.