thanks for the forum!

About a week ago I scored a used Wacom Graphire 6x8 on Ebay for thirty bucks–cool! I installed the new drivers for it as it is a newer model than the 4x5 I’ve been using for several years.

It worked great in Flash, but in TBS it just didn’t seem to respond to pressure. I let it slide, then looked up stuff about tablets in the forum and found that it might work to delete the tablet.dat file in windows/system32.

All’s well now. Thanks to the forum.


And the Forum thanks YOU! I know I’m not the official forum spokesman, but, hey, someone had to do it. You’ve jumped in and helped SO many users, really getting in there and sharing your accumlated knowledge.

What goes around, comes around, as they say.


it seems i have to thank the forum, too.
inspired by this thread, and looking for the chances to improve my tablet performance, i’ve searched my computer in quest for the ‘tablet.dat’ file, but to no avail.

i’ve downloaded the tablet driver from the link in one tablet section thread and checked the versions.
mine was a 4.75 (from 2002), the other one was a 4.78 (from 2003).
after installing the new one it turned out that the witty wacom guys had changed the name of the file from ‘wacom.dat’ to ‘tablet.dat’ in the meantime.

so now the tablet works notedly more smooth than before and i’m eventually in the tablet.dat-owners-club :wink:

And, while I’m at it, as the (faux) head of the TBS Thank You Committee, I want to let you, the Other Rob, for all YOUR help to other users on this forum.

Also, thanks for reminding me to update MY Wacom.

Best Wishes,

Elwood, you’re one of the kindest people whose bytes I come in contact with. I haven’t been active much in a while, and it’s nice to be remembered.

I’ve been digging back into Toon Boom and finding that it is even more powerful than I though in a few ways. I’ll post some new stuff soon, maybe some drawings sooner.

Enjoy yer weekend!

Aw, shucks!


you’re almost a majordomo here already :wink:
thanks for your kind words.