Thankgiving 'toon

Finally got it done eough to share, but still needs work. There’s a short version available as an ecard. My first TBS project in a while.

hehe, it’s funny. well done :slight_smile:

Well done Rob !

Quite funny and well animated as usual !


Thanks to the both of you, and to the unspoken folks who checked it out from here.

I’ve just added music to it after a friend brought over his guitar and played some for the 'toon. He’s a much better guitar player than I am an animator and it really pumps it up a little. I think I also added a couple of scenes, not sure…

Thanks though. It got linked at Odd Todd’s “new to Flash” section, so I should get some traffic.

Very fun!

Thanks Heather. There’s a few other scenes I’d like to build up the story with, and I may re-purpose the thing for Christmas, but then you have to wonder why these geese are still migrating so deep into winter.