Hi Guys I was wondering if it is possible to put some fur textures or any texture at all in the palletes.

What Im getting at is I want to create an obeject with fur but with a texture and instead of filling an area with texture i want to paint it in and animate it.

Any help would be great


Is this something like what you want to do? http://media.putfile.com/cd-18-walk-inked
I used textures for her shirt, pants, shoes & hair. If that’s something like what you want to do with fur, then you just need to take an image of fur & bring it into photoshop, crop it so the only thing left is a patch of the texture you want. This part is important because anything in this image will be imported into tbs as part of the texture & you want to be sure it doesn’t include unwanted bits of an image. When you have your cropped image ready, save it as a jpeg, bitmap, or png.

Next, create a new palette in tbs, right click in the color swatch area, & select “add texture.” Then choose the image file you just created in photoshop, & it will appear as a swatch on your palette. You can then draw & paint with it.
One thing worth mentioning - if/when you draw with the texture selected, you’ll see the line as you draw it, but then it may seem to disappear, but you can fill the line either with the paint bucket or by selecting it & choosing the texture.

Hope that helps, let us know how it works out.

no image came up lol sorry i couldnt see what you done

but i think you were getting at the right idea

Ill give it a try again

You might need to give it some time to load, Putfile can take ages sometimes. :frowning:

The link is good though, so maybe just click it, then go get a cup of coffee, then it should be viewable lol :wink:

I’m curious to hear if that’s the look you were going for though. Good luck with your project.