textures in 3d models

harmony is not importing .fbx that i produce in 3d software.i know fbx is constantly evolving and theres lots of issues on it.anyway i can import .obj and convert to fox on the import dialog box.but they loose texture although they are accompanied by the .mtl file.in the past in older versions of harmony and storyboard there was the trick to drag the texture into the same folder as the imported 3d model.that doesn’t seem to work any more.can someone kindly guide me on solving this issue?can Toonboom moderators help in this fairly important matter to profit from 3D capabilities on this powerful software?thanks a lot

You should contact support and be ready to provide your
project and 3D file for analysis. Generally it still works the
same if you import the FBX, you still need the texture files
in the element’s (layer’s) folder.

Keep in mind that there is some variation in the .FBX
format and not everyone adheres to the same standards.
This may be why your FBX file is not importing.

Make sure to avoid spaces, accented letters and special
symbols in the names of things you are importing and also
in the names of folders in the path you are importing from.