textured vector brush issue

Hi i downloaded harmony 15 seeing how they crafted a vector brush with amazing texture. Problem is that the fill tool doesnt color to the center line of the brush stroke and leaves a white gap in all my pencil strokes. Looking at the promotional videos it seems like you can color in a textured vector drawing but i cant replicate the results. would love to learn how to fix this issue

You are colouring on the Line Art layer, you’ll have better results if you use the Colour Art layer. For that effect you’ll have to create a stroke fill area (invisible lines that can be switched on or off with the shortcut K). With the Select tool selected, perform the action ‘Create Colour Art From Line Art’ via the icon on Tool Properties, by going to the menu Drawing and select the option or by pressing the shortcut *. This will create invisible lines on the Colour Art layer that will match the centre of your Line Art that you can use to paint. In general, it’s good practice to keep line art and colour art in their own separate sublayers. You can make changes or apply effects to one layer easier without affecting the other one and, as in this case, you won’t need to deal with textured lines.

Luis Canau