textured brush

Hi,I have some problems with a textured brush: When I brush the textured line looks fine, but after releasing the pen all I see is a “normal” line, no texture. I checked it with several brushes. When I export the panel (jpeg for example) it looks fine again - a textured line.Where is my problem? Thansk and regards,DieterSystem: HP XW6300, Graphic: Quadro FX3500, Storyboard Pro 2.0, Win XP

To close this issue - I changed the graphic card to a Geforce 9800.After this it works. Dieter


This sounds like a graphics issue. The first thing I’d try in this case is to update the drivers on your graphics card.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, then go ahead and email support@toonboom.com and they’ll help you resolve the issue.