Textured Brush Don't come out looking like it does in the image file

hello I’m having problems with my texture brush strokes they don’t look like the images created the brush from they look all grainy. for example i wanted a crayon style of painting but when i load in the crayon texture image i want when i go to paint, it doesn’t look at all like the image file used to create the brush am i missing something?

for one the image above is not suitable for a brush as it does not appear to properly tile. in other words, all of the edges need to “connect” so that it can be tiled without any seams showing. lily has a video on how to do this on the YT channel i believe.

also it takes some trial and error to get a custom brush to work the way you want it. good luck!

Cannot offer anything if you don’t show the result and the brush texture to compare with.

All I can tell is that image looks like it was made with a crayon.