Textured brush and Paint Unpainted

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody can give me some suggestions; as many here I’m guessing, I prefer to draw with a textured brush for a more natural feel, however whenever I use the ‘paint unpainted’ tool to do a quick fill of the drawing, the fill doesn’t cover the feathered area of the line, so I get an empty threshold between line and the filled section (thereby having and empty area that shows the bkg behind)

The only two ways I get around this is by either not using textured brushes or to use ‘paint behind’ and fill the edge (but it spills and slows me down). I was hoping maybe I was missing something or perhaps somebody knows of a fix, preference, workaround or has a different approach to line character and colouring that could perhaps be useful. So far I haven’t come across anything.


Thanks, yeah it sounds very similar to what I do. for speed I would use the bucket paint a lot on clean line character to get them to stand out from shaded bkgs.


regarding the paint tools
I personally never use the U or the minus tool - if i want to delete i use my cintiq button set up for delete .
there is no keyboard shortcut to select paint temporarily and remain on draw tool . right now it the short cut takes you to the paint tool but sometims you just want it for one fill only .
i do miss the being able to choose which tools you want to show in the tool bars like we had in old sbpro . so that i could remove the other fill options and other tools i dont use .

Unfortunately because of the way the brush tool works, this is the only way to do it. What I usually do is use my textured brush just for roughs, then go over it with a clean pencil or brush line. I’ll use textured brushes then with draw behind to fill in some shading on the character if I want to have texture in there, but I leave the lines that I want to paint with a paint bucket in without texture.

A lot of the time I won’t even use the paint bucket when storyboarding, because I prefer to just knock in some shading with the draw behind option - but it depends on how clean of a look you’re going for.


Regarding being able to just temporarily select the paint tool, when you’re using a keyboard, you can use the overrideable shortcut for this. For example, if the shortcut to switch permanently to the paint tool is Alt+I, then I alone will give you that tool only as long as you are holding down I. If you have room for another shortcut on your Cintiq then you can add this.

Regarding the toolbar, you can still customize it, if you set it to be a flat toolbar. You can only not customize when you have nested tools, i.e. like when you click and hold on the select tool and it reveals the nested tools beneath it.

To set it to be a flat toolbar, you can go in your Preferences, then Globabl UI tab, at the bottom there’s Flat Toolbar. Then you’ll need to restart the application. Now, to customize the toolbar, right-click on the two lines at the top of the toolbar and select Customize.