I am trying to use a texture (brick texture, a photo of a brick wall I imported) in my drawing in Toon Boom Studio 8. But the pattern is much too big for my drawing. I tried to follow the instructions from the video tutorials for TBS 8, Applying Textures, using my Edit Texture Tool, but it does not work.
In the tutorial Tony Ross says that he created his texture so it can be tiled to seamlessly…what does this mean? And his texture is a 400 X 400 jpg. How do I
create that with my imported photo?
Hope to hear from someone soon.

Are you using OSX Mavericks…?
The Edit Texture button might not be working…

Otherwise, to create a tiled (seamless) texture = Use the “Offset” filter in Photoshop, or else…

Yes, I am using OSX Mavericks and I don’t have Photoshop…will the Edit Texture
button be updated to Mavericks ?

Please, check out the “Gimp”, it’s free, for creating tiled textures…?

Regarding OSX 10.9, you might have to ask the Toon Boom Team, how far they have advanced,
making Studio fully compatible wit Mavericks…