I’m interested in getting some deeper effects using textures instead of flat colors or gradients. Is this possible in Toon Boom? This image is similar to what I’m after:


Hi Will,

It really depends how much texture you want to put in there. I wouldn’t advise to have a full cutout character in bitmap but it might be doable if you use a mix of vector and bitmap.

Be aware that Toon Boom Studio is not yet optimized for bitmap animation and therefor the limitation to your projects might be quite higher (since the bitmap will be much more demanding on the machine).

So for the moment I would say it is to do at your own discretion. In any case keep us updated if you do start working on such a project.

Best regards,


A quick glance at this makes me think that the only bitmap in the image is the wood grain at the very back. Quite a bit of the rest looks like clever use of gradients, transparency layers, and desaturated colors.

Sounds good anyways… ;D