Texture transparency issue

I am creating my first scene for a project I’m working on. When moving one of my characters (it may happen, and likely does happen to other characters, haven’t tested them yet) back along the Z-axis he loses his texture and at a specific point (picture 2) loses almost all texture.

Picture 1: His shoulders lose texture
Picture 2: His entire body at this point of the Z-axis becomes mostly transparent and loses all its texture

What is causing this problem and how should I go about troubleshooting it? I use Harmony Essentials 14.0

NOTE: I can repeatedly re-paint the character about 20 times and his texture will become solid again, but is there anyway to avoid having to repaint my 100+ characters, 100+ items, 20+ vehicles, all the buildings, etc…? I’ll be fuming if that’s what I have to do!

Do you have the texture at a different Z value of your character? If the texture is passing below the background you should solve it by pulling the background a bit behind on the Z-axis.

Luis Canau

Nope, texture is at the same z-axis value :confused: the character is actually rather close to the camera compared to the background, which is as far back as it can possibly go while still being visible.

It actually only seems to happen with red colored textures, all other colors go unaffected… maybe a bug in the software?

Are you sure there aren’t any different z-values mixed, like having a value on a peg but not noticing a different value on the drawing itself? It’s exactly the same when you render the frame?

Otherwise, if you want to share the scene folder maybe I or someone else can take a look.

Luis Canau

Hi fantasyrook1!

You can send me a link to your scene at gdemers@toonboom.com and I’ll have a look at it. :slight_smile:

Hmm, i guess i’ll take a more in look depth at the z-values, I just have a hard time believing this is the case as I have tested many other rigs which use the same basic model i created with no texture issues on them.

I’ll be sure to contact you if I cant fix the problem by tonight!

I have yet to find a solution, but how should I go about emailing you the file? Like, if I send you the raw file I created, will you have access to my entire Toon Boom Library? Not that I don’t trust someone from the Toon Boom team, but I’m always scared of sending these things to people as I plan to copyright my work and what not and would like to avoid any theft or legal issues that could possibly arise from someone else having files of my work and possibly claiming it as their own. I’m very new to this stuff lol.

I’ll only be getting the scene file and what is inside it, not the whole Library. :slight_smile: Make sure to send the folder of the scene (and not just the .xstage file as the scene runs with all the elements contained within the folder). If you have an ftp server, you can put it there and send me the link, otherwise you can send it through wetransfer.com for any file size under 2GB.

Let me reassure you that I won’t be sharing any of your files and will remove once we find the problem. :slight_smile:

Okay great! I will get in contact with you on monday :slight_smile:

I’m answering on behalf of Genevieve…

The problem is that the shirt area is already very tiny before the character moves
back in Z-space so that the texture can hardly even be seen from the start.

When the character moves backwards the texture area is made smaller and
smaller. Finally what you see as the texture is just the differently coloured blocks
(pixels) making-up the texture.

One way to resolve the issue in a case where you want the texture shown at the
start is to show the regular character. At the frame where the texture becomes
“Fuzzy” set the shirt layer to 0 transparency. Make a copy of the layer and paint
it with a solid colour and place it at the same level behind the texture shirt so that
it is revealed.

This will mimic what happens in real-life. If you have a friend wearing a checked shirt
and that friend walks away from you… At first you will see the texture but at some
distance the eye will no longer be able to make-out the texture but sees it as a
blended colour.

Thank you and Genevieve, I will give that a shot!