Texture settings

Hey Guys

Im using textures to fill my characters. However is there a better way as apposed to filling in the regions as I then have to go over my timeline with the edit texture tool and edit each texture for each character on each cell. I have been looking at the colour override module, is this a possibility?? As I would like the texture to set globally.

I am not 100% sure what you are asking


the paint tool has an apply to multiple drawings


there is an ability to copy and paste gradient/texture positions (p204 of the userguide I think)

and maybe one of those (or used together) might be what you are trying to achieve.

Sorry for my poor explanation.

Its more a case of how the texture applys itself to a region. As I am having to use the edit texture/gradient tool on each frame.

Ill look at the document again, must have missed it first time round.


What you can do is you can store the texture gradient, then when you paint with that texture you can select “use stored gradient”.

First, select the good one with the Select tool. Now, in the tool properties of the select tool, click on the “Store Colour Gradient” button. It looks like a gradient box with a check on it.

Now, the next time you paint something with that colour pot, on the tool properties of the paintbucket tool, or even with the brush tool, you can click on the “Use Stored Gradient” button. It looks like four boxes.

Hopefully this helps!

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Thank you Lilly, I have also looked at the colour override module in the network view as it has 5 different settings when applying the texture to a region.

Thanks again