texture issue in character animation

Hi I am trying to animate a character that has different texture parts for its joints- arms… legs etc. and i am having issue that when i am animating it, the texture “move” and will create a “disjointed” part . Is there any EASY way to move the character with different texture part without killing me in the process.
Here’s a mockup sample of the problem i am describing. any advice and help is welcome. tks


The main way it avoid by clever design. You could also blur the ends (I think pro has a blur with a matte but im not 100% you have to check) to make the effect less pronoused.

If you are importing from photoshop you could have feathered ends.

Are you on Animate or Animate Pro?

The other thing you could do, if you have Animate (not Pro - it’s easier to do in Pro) is draw your lines on a separate layer from your fills, and then blur the layer with the fills, and see if this helps.

If you were doing it on Pro, I would suggest to do the lines on the line art layer and the fills on the colour art layer, then you could filter out the colour art and just apply the blur to that.

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