texture help

Any one have any idea If adding texture in an overlay type style is possible in toonboom to obtain the effect as seen in this video below or is it most likely done in an external software?

from what I know, they use harmony.

which part in particular?

Maybe give a part on the timeline to look at?

All of it Raider, the trees, walls etc.

Well in general you can add a tileable texture to a colour a swatch if you want to paint an object with a tileable texture.

If you want to put a photoshop made texture over your character you can use the cutter/mask to make it only go over the drawn parts and transparency for the slight overlay.

The overlay was most likely done in the same software as the animation, but the creation of the texture was most likly photoshop.

Ok, and I can use the blend-mode module to overlay it over my artwork right?

Well in the case of the textures on the characters, they would just draw them on a separate layer, use the Cutter module to cut the texture with the character, then they can actually animate the position over time.

With something like the backgrounds, they might just import the BGs in directly as Photoshop files, or they might import texture swatches as TheRaider said and paint with them.

In these cases, they’re not using the Blending mode, they’re just painting with them directly. But you could use the Blending mode if you want to have a different look.