Texture Fill Lock?

Does Harmony support any kind of texture/fill lock feature like that found in Flash/Animate? I good example is the kind of texture effect you see in a show like Chowder on Cartoon Network years ago. The characters move, either frame-by-frame or through tweening but their colored textures stay in place, almost scrolling inside them. Can Toon Boom do the same thing?

I guess you would get that effects too if you used a cutter to mask the fill.

Otherwise I would guess the texture move with object, if you use keys to move.

/ Mattias

Howdy Gibbagobba!

Which version of Harmony are you using?

If you are using Harmony Premium, this can be achieved with a colour override. You can either bring in your own texture as a png/jpg/psd file or create your own texture within Harmony directly. You can then connect your texture drawing layer inside the leftmost port of your colour override and the rightmost port inside of your object. You then need to go set the colour that you want to map the texture on and set it as “Texture - Use Input Image”. You will need to render your image to see the texture.

You could also invert cut the texture file but with this method, you would select the texture and not the arm when clicking on it from the camera view. If you have a line on your character, you would also need to make sure it appears on top of the texture.

Check out the following link for more info on mapping a texture with a colour override:


Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This is very useful. Unfortunately, I’m using essentials so there’s probably no other method to do this. Glad to know it exists, though.