Texture Brush painting of Animated Characters


 I use Harmony Premium 15 on a Macbook Pro.
 I would like to use characters that have been created with Textured Vector brush strokes, rather than ones that have been made with a Paint-bucket fill. Basically, I am hoping to create a "Painterly" animation.

 My understanding is that for a character to be animated, tweened, morphed, translated, and used with master-controllers and IK, its parts have to be colored with solid colors. Is that correct?

  And, if so, is there a way of getting what I'm looking for?
  Thanks in advance.


There only things I know that won’t work are the morphing and the animated masks introduced in harmony 15 (if you’re going to use your brush drawing as input mask). Apart from that, I don’t think there are limitations when working with a painted drawing instead of a solid color one.

Since you have 15 premium I recommend you to use vector drawings instead of bitmap ones.

Thank you, for your response, Scardario.