Texture animation problem with shader


After much googling and much debugging I am still unable to get texture animation working with texture matrix in my shader.
I have a a vertex shader with a
a float4x4 textureMatrix
and in its program definition for ogre I have textureMatrix linked to its relevant auto parameter like so,
param_named_auto textureMatrix texture_matrix 1
my texture unit is the 2nd texture unit, so 1 is the right extra_param
my texture unit has scroll_anim 0.1 0.001
In fixed function this animates fine, but in my shader it doesn’t work, I’ve tried in both the fragment program and in the vertex program, both don’t work somehow.
I transform my texture coord with my texture matrix in shader, like so, (using Cg)
op.uv.xy = mul(textureMatrix, float4(uv.xy, 0, 1)).xy;
Should work technically right?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.