I"ve got a storyboard that I need to reformat the images for. is there any way to import the text from the old boards? Or have two storyboard files open at the same time?

I don’t remeber exactly where the text was broken up for the old boards and don’t want to open a board, copy a panel of text, close the board then open the new one and paste the text for each shot.

any shortcuts to this?


I guess you could open up 2 Storyboard at the same time. Although if you are on Mac you will need to open the application using the Terminal for by default Mac prevents you from opening the same application multiple time.

So you will first need to open Toon Boom Storyboard once. Then get a Terminal window (in your Application/Utilities). From that Window you will need to navigate to the Storyboard Pro application. You can do so by typing the following command:

cd /Applications/Toon\ Boom\ Storyboard.localized/Toon\ Boom\ Storyboard.app/Contents/MacOS/

Press enter then do ./Storyboard and then enter.This should launch a second Storyboard window.

If you are still on trial you might have to add “\ Trial” whenever Toon Boom is mentioned and for Storyboard Pro it would be “\ Pro”. In any case when you are typing the path you can press tab 2 times to have all the possible path available matching your current path.

Else then that you can type “ls” then press enter to see all that is contained in your current opened folder.

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thanks ugo, you rule!

Hi Ugo TBS,
Not support Arabic or Russian font . May be help me for import Arabic text ( Persian ) in Storyboard ?
Tanx :wink:


Do you mean you are not able to write with that font or you are not able copy from one project to another?