Text turns into Black blocks in Storyboard Pro 4

Student imported Text into Storyboard and after moving around on the timeline, the text is blacked out. You can highlight the text block to read the text and it prints out fine, but everything turns into a solid black blocks.
Is there something that causes this?

Replying to let you know I had the same issue over a year ago - it was not resolved (it looks like the response from the team was deleted, but the answer was basically “I cant recreate your problem so its not a problem”). I’ve not run into this issue since upgrading to 5, for what its worth…

Link to old thread: http://forums.toonboom.com/storyboard-pro/support-and-troubleshooting/text-copied-notes-becomes-invisible#new

Please contact support and provide a link to access the zipped project
so that we can have a look.

How exactly did the student import the text and what was used to make
the text? Is this text file still available? If so, please include it with the