Text outlines

Hello! Recently I’ve been trying to outline my text (you know, just the little white outline, like used in subtitles and stuff), but couldn’t see any obvious way to do so. I checked the forums and found two similar questions (the first posted eight years ago, the second posted two years ago), but unfortunately the solution seemed rather complicated and time-consuming, when you’d think it be a lot more simple. As its been quite a while since the question was asked, I’d like to ask it again. Is there really not a more convenient way to do this yet? Thank you!

I dug the thread up that is now 3 years old and tried it. I think the whole break up multiple times thing with text could be streamlined. Doing outlines doubles the number of steps. But unless I was doing a lot of this style of text it is not that complicated when you have notes to reference while you are doing it. I work for a company who has engineers to make everything complicated so it is easier to accept, maybe the only thing easier to come of it.

It’s a bummer as to how there hasn’t been a reply to this thread yet. I’m still trying to figure it out as well. I wish it would have been made easier.