Text Outline

Hi all -

need to stroke a block of text - not the TB definition of stroke, which from what i can see closes gaps between points, but the photoshop, illustrator definition of stroking, which outlines the object. For example, I created text via the text tool with a fill color of yellow, i now need to outline the word in brown - without having to trace around each letter with the pencil tool … I did not find any posts dealing with this subject so hopefully someone has a technique i can use within TB … thanks in advance, Dan

You might find this tutorial useful, not for the subtractive part of the tutorial but for the part art the beginning where I explain creating the text and giving it an outlined background. -JK


Hi Jk -

thanks for the quick reply, especially on xmas eve ;D … i see what you are doing with the text outline, giving it a 3d effect - something I have done in the past … what i am looking for is a 1d effect, with each letter equally outlined with the stroke value … pretty much like the text is flat on the table where you can trace around each letter with the same nib value. i have tried duplicating the text, breaking it apart, then enlarging each letter behind the original, but i just can’t seem to get the consistency of the line strength to appear equal on all sides … any ideas? thanks, d

Other than doing it in Flash or doing it in Photoshop or Illustrator and importing, no other ideas. - sorry - JK

Hi Jk -

Thanks anyway, I do appreciate the effort … I will just put it in as a suggestion for a later enhancement … hope you have a great xmas and rewarding new year… dan