Text-only annotations

I know I can add annotations to my xsheet, but I would really prefer to add a simple line of text, like ‘antic’, ‘jump’ or ‘overshoot’. If it’s not already possible, then I would like to see this in future versions…

I hadn’t noticed that. However, it is really only useful for short tags, without spaces, quation marks, whatever.

You should be able to double-click on a cell in an annotation column and type some text in.


Hi, if you want to add a simple line of text, like ‘antic’, ‘jump’ or ‘overshoot’, you need a text annotator that acts as one of the fundamental image or document annotation add-on functions. With a text annotating adding tool, you can specify text font style & color, customize the edge property of text annotation, and set text font, annotation edge, filled shape & shadow property.