Text on Quicktime exports


I was wondering if there is any way to have captions/notes appear on screen, but not follow the camera. This is basically so these notes can be on a Quicktime export of an animatic to send to various people. At the min the only workaround I have is to do the notes in Premiere.

Any help would be very much appreciated


Thanks but that doesn’t seem to stop a camera move affecting the text layer? Is there something I need to do to have the camera not affect the text layer?

Just following along here, Ajralf, what do you mean by the camera affecting the text layer? If you want the text layer to always be visible regardless of how the camera moves you can always add the text/caption as a child to the Camera Peg. You would have a Camera Peg and then the Camera and the Text/captions would both be children to that peg.

So as you animate the camera peg the text will always be visible and not distort or disappear off screen, it would remain where it was originally set up.

Oops, I was thinking this was a question for Harmony, haven’t really dived into Storyboard as yet. Sorry, my mistake.

Yeah, I’ve tried googling it and all I can find is reference to parenting but there doesn’t seem to be any option like that in Storyboard Pro

You can make a layer follow Camera by pressing the “Pin to Camera” Layer alignment button in the WIndows>Layers Panel

Thanks! That’s exactly what I wanted. Another issue now though is there a way to have the text cover a whole shot instead of just one panel without having to copy and paste it in each panel separately?

Hi Ajralf,

Good news, this is now possible in the new version of Storyboard Pro 5.5 that was just released today! When exporting a movie or to bitmap, you now have the option to print captions.

There's a new tab in these exports where you can select which caption to print on the rendered movie or image.

See all the new features here.

Try it out and let us know if it helps!


You could create a layer (in front of the other layers) and paste the caption
text using the text tool. It might help to make a box of contrasting colour
behind the text if it’s too difficult to read contrasted against the images.