Text morphing

Trying to do morphing with a text layer - the text seems to disappear once morphed, including the key frames either end - could someone explain what I’m doing wrong, I haven’t been able to find any help on using text.
BTW the text I’m using is flattened, and the destination frame is merely the first frame of the text increased in size by using the Select tool and dragging the corners of the text frame outwards and upwards. I’m not a graphic designer (and am just learning Animate) so grateful for your patience with what is probably a really dumb question! :slight_smile:
Many thanks,

If one likes to keyframe the size of any Text,
one has to convert the Text first into separate objects…

Select the Select Tool from the Drawing Toolbar and select the Text.
Go to Drawing / Convert / Break Apart Text Layer.
Do this twice / this will convert the Text-Layer into an Vector-Layer.

Use the Transform-Tool for resizing the Text and set keyframes as you please.


Just as Nolan says, one needs to break apart twice. The first time simply breaks the text into individual text objects for each letter, whereas the second break apart will convert to a drawing object.

Once it’s a drawing object, you can morph, you can use your drawing tools on it, whatever it is that you want to do.