Text import problems


I’m using SB Pro on a Mac running the latest version of Leopard and I’m trying to import text from file(s) that were created on a PC.

I’ve tried importing in RTF, Word, and PDF formats but - while the text does come in - so does all this other code gibberish and everything is just strung together into one looong line of text. Is this a Mac / PC compatibility thing? I’ve tried re-saving the documents on the Mac before bringing them in to SB Pro but I still get the same gibberish.

Also, our scriptwriter is using Final Draft to write her scripts. Is SB Pro able to directly bring in a Final Draft document? If not, are there any plans to accommodate this format in the future?

Many thanks.

Hi- to create a new project from Final Draft, open Storyboard Pro, go to [File] [New Storyboard from Final Draft xml] -romi

Thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated.

My problem though is I already have an existing Storyboard project created and I need to input the captions and dialog from a text file. I’ve tried importing in a few different formats; RTF, Word .doc, Final Draft XML. When I first try to import the text information though it won’t even read the files as text files. They’re all greyed out. If I select ‘all file formats’ option, it will allow me to import from the RTF and the Word .doc files, but all the line breaks are gone and there is all this extraneous information along with it. Basically it comes in as one long line of text that’s mostly gibberish and not usable. SB Pro doesn’t seem to recognize the Final Draft document at all and it only shows up as a unix file.

Hope someone can help me resolve this soon. It’s going to be a real chore if I have to enter the text in each frame manually :frowning:

hi - i did do the test but did not post my results because i had the same outcome as you and am still looking for solution:
1. the outcome i had is a txt saved on windows machine and opened on Mac imports to caption perfectly
2. a saved .doc, even if formatting is removed, text copied and pasted into .txt on windows machine, then opened on Mac = correct text but with some jibberish

but for final draft: for me opens perfectly!


…just to elaborate, final draft creates new storyboard form me and I copy paste its text into another open SB project

-i think its better you copy paste your larger bulk of text instead of re-typing everything -romi

Basically the Import Caption for the text works with .txt files. It’s not made to work with file format with formating like .doc, RTF or others.

Thanks for all your responses. I’ve finally managed to bring in my text as basically one long line of text, which is better than nothing. I was hoping that there would be better integration with Final Draft though in some sort of function where it would keep all the scene information and formatting; scene #, dialogue, action, slugging, etc. Does anyone know if future versions of SB Pro will integrate some sort of feature like this?

I also have this problem as my clients send FDR files not XML. I have been using final draft reader ( which is free) then copy and paste into word pad or some such basic text reader then save it as a text file. It’s a pain in the butt as it is the only way to import the scripts. It would be nice in the future to have more import options in the caption/storyboard area like PDF import, scan text and import, or other word processor support.