Text copied into the notes becomes invisible.

Hello, maybe someone can help me figure out why this is happening.

When I copy and paste text from a different program (in this case Google Docs) into the “Dialog” or “Notes” comments box, often it will become unreadable, appearing as a black bar unless highlighted. Text options says the text size is -1, and wont allow me to change either the text size or the font (or lets me do this randomly without actually fixing anything).

Any ideas? I’ve attached a screen shot of the issue (text with black bar when not highlighted, text visible when highlighted)

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.07.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.08.01 PM.png

Hi JKustan,
I just tested myself and i was able to copy and paste text from google doc to Storyboard Pro 4.2 without problem.
Which version of Storyboard Pro are you using ?
What’s the language and font that you copy from google doc ?
Please let me know.

Hello Wei,

The version is 4.2

The font is Arial, size 11 I believe. The confusing part is where it changes the font to “-1”.

Edited to say that it usually looks fine at first, but then when I go to a different panel and come back the black bar is there. I also just spoke to a coworker and she is having the same issue with Google Docs in particular (which is how we share all of our documents, so this is sort of a big deal for us)