Test SWF Movie suddenly doesn't Work on Mac OS

The Test SWF Movie function suddenly doesn’t Work on Mac OS leopard … it worked but suddenly … nothing ! Please Help !!! ???
I forgot to say that it makes Animate crash !!!

Thank you for your help ! I’ve tried the test you told me to do. It don’t crash on all the scenes I’ve done before but on some … ???
When it crash it crash with the menu function AND with the test SWF, the dialog box "Swf export Progress appear and then the “Rendering scene” but the message “Successful-OK-report” button doesn’t appear . However I can export the scene.
i’ve tried a test on a brand new scene and it works normally.

Merci Beaucoup Lily !
I think the memory is in question , cause my scene is a little “fat” you can take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxw5U0x25mk&feature=channel_video_title
(4 cutout puppets, sounds etc)
maybe I’ve not enough memory … but if it’s the case why some old scenes crash whereas they did not before ?

Nothing ! but … I’ve done a complete reinstallation of Animate 2 last month …

Merci Beaucoup Lilly for your help ! :slight_smile: I 'll try to import my old Templates in a new brand scene and see if it works … Au revoir !

Does it crash right away or does it crash part of the way through the project?

Does it crash on a brand new scene or just on that scene?

If you do a File > Export > SWF, then does that crash as well, or is it just the Test SWF?


There’s probably something wrong with the scenes in question, then. Since you can do an Export to SWF without issue, then it’s probably not running out of memory. I’d go ahead and email support@toonboom.com and they can take a look at the scene file that’s giving you trouble.


Well I can’t think of a reason why it would suddenly not work if it wasn’t working before - unless you can think of anything that’s changed in your computer’s configuration since then?


There’s not much more I can help you with on this one from the forums, but if you want them to investigate in more detail then feel free to email support@toonboom.com