Test SWF movie not working

In Animate Pro 2 when I try to create a test SWF via Play/Test SWF movie, first I get a message that it was successfully created. But when I click OPEN I get the following.

Failed to create Flash movie player (C:/…/swfplayer/player.html)

If I go to this directory I can see the file movie.swf and it plays no problem. So how can I get this to work? It worked fine in TBS 4.5.

And while I’m asking, how can I get TBAP2 to minimize while rendering an MOV? I could do this with TBS so that I could work on other things while the rendering was going on and watch until the minimized bar disappeared indicating that it was done–very convenient. But it seems I cannot minimize the window in AP2. I tried right clicking on the tab at the bottom of my screen and select minimize but nothing happens.

Okay, well I got it to work. I had to copy the files from:

C:\Program Files\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Animate Pro 2\resources\swfplayer

Over to:
C:\Documents and Settings\Myname\Local Settings\Temp\ToonBoomSessionTempDir\Animate Pro\QuickPlayback\swfplayer

And now it works!

I’d still like to find out how to minimize while rendering though.