Test SWF Movie error message

When I try to do a preview in Flash with the Test SWF Movie button, my browser–Firefox–shows me this message. I open up the settings and try to fix the problem but I don’t know what to do in Flash’s settings. How to add the path in order to allow it to work. I know it says I have to “restart the application after changing the settings” but, for the life of me, I can’t get it to work without this message. How do I fix this?


Hi Zeb
Since I am a mac-user I have no clue about your problem there.
But I had to upgrade my flash player on the 2. of may.
Maybee this popup window ask for permission to upgrade?
Just a thought .

Hope you already have solved it.

Nope, Ivar, it’s not permission for an update. That’s different and I recently updated Flash on my machine. It’s some other security thingy. Thanks anyway for trying to help! Must be some geek out there that knows what to do.

This is relatively recent. I’m not sure but perhaps it was after I recently upgraded to the latest version of Flash. It seems the solution is to do something in the Settings as per the instructions in the error message. I’ll see if I can Google it and come up with something that works.

Fixed it! I had to go into Flash’s settings and add the path to where the movie.swf file is generated. Then I restarted Firefox and tried again and it worked!

I asked the support team to take a look at this one, and none of us have heard of this one before. Have you just recently started having this message? Has anything changed in your configuration?