terrible quality

I have problems with the quality of the film, after editing in Pinnacle studio 11. It does NOT SUPPORT mov which is why I can’t export it as a quick time-film in toon boom before editing in pinnacle. Does ANYBODY know how to export a movie in toon boom as uncompressed as possible, and still NOT in mov formate??

I have tried with exporting to avi, and then importing to pinnacle. When I export the edited film in pinnacle as divx, avi, mpeg4/2/1, compressed or uncompressed, I still got the same result: TERRIBLE QUALITY!
Has this anything to do with the format of the imported movie (wich has good quality)?
Which formate is the best to use when exporting from toon boom, without using the mov formate?


Hi there,

I don’t know very much about Pinnacle, but have you tried exporting your film from TBS as a sequence of images? My recommendation would be TGA’s. Then import the whole sequence into your editing suite.

I hope this helps,