terrible export?

I have to say, Storyboard Pro is indeed a great tool for storyboarding in theory but your ads and your demos are seriously misleading. Your texture brush export is shockingly ABISMAL! It’s not even usable in a serious studio setting. First there’s no options for scaling up the dpi export which would significantly help the art to look better once exported and second the art is not even legible in a pdf using that brush!!! How can you seriously call that a feature when the art is not USEABLE?!?!? It’s terribly pixellated and pretty much destroyed! Even trying to export as a bitmap ruins the line I so painstakingly tried to get in my art.


What the hell were you thinking?!?!?!

You’ve ruined HOURS of work for me and I am infinitely glad I found this out before paying the 900 bucks to buy it.

Granted everything works great if you stick with the basic bitmap brush, (except of course the line quality which is substandard to say the least) but you should seriously put some sort of disclaimer on your site that the texture brush doesn NOT output well at ALL!

In fact I’d say get rid of it entirely until you can get it right.

It’s probably pointless to even finish writing this because you’ll most likely delete it.


Would it be possible to get a sample of your project to verify what exactly is going on there? There might have been some settings that were overlooked as we have a lot of industrial customer using it and have not yet been told that the texture brush would not show properly in the final renders.

You can send us an e-mail at support@toonboom.com so we can start debugging this.



Yeah sure, I’d be happy to do that… Sorry for the angry letter I shouldn’t have been so short about it. Anyway, I will send you the file and flag it for you. Thanks for responding to this.


We will be waiting for your feedback. If you need an ftp to upload content let us know and we will set one up for you.



Yes actually that would make it go faster… for some reason I can not access my personal FTP today. My email is mike@milowerx.com

I got the FTP working again… so look for the file.