Templates including symbols and edition updates

A few questions. Is normal that one template, saved in the library, containing symbols that will be dropped in a similar template in the timeline, must be two frames minimum, (in my experience) if not the symbols contained dissapears and only remains the pure drawings in this exposure?
(I had selected and dropped the template pressing Alt key, and set paste special menu always create drawings, extend exposure and duplicate all symbol contents and full movie exposure) (Advanced panel). In my computer, sometimes, the saved scene template is not updated by the main scene project, and remains with no changes as it never went saved in the template editor mode. Anybody know what is the cause of this issue? Thanks all in advance. Yoryo.

Hi Yoryo,

I’d like to clarify what’s going on: are you saying the following

1) Templates that contain symbols, when dragged onto the timeline has the symbols disapear. When you say this, do you mean that the symbols are expanded? I.e. that you no longer have symbols in your timeline? Or are the symbols still there, but the drawings themselves are empty? I just tried this one on my end and I didn’t see the behaviour right away.

2) When you Edit Template, and you save and close, the saved template is not updated in the scene. When you do an edit template, if you have already dragged your template into the scene, it will not change what is already in your scene. If you were to drag your template back on again, however, you would see the changes. Do you see the changes when you drag it on again? The reason that the template does not automatically update in the scene is that a template is just a starting point from which you can then make adjustments and change the animation, etc. It is not connected to the original template after it’s dragged into the scene - once it’s in the scene, it’s a copy of the template.

Does that help at all? For question 1, perhaps you could include a screenshot?

Toon Boom Support

Hi Lilly,

I want clarify you what is happen here.
Steps: I have in the library templates A-B and C. (similar structure)
1- I drop in the timeline, from library the template A, with symbols content and exposure more than one frame. ( A tipical caracter )
2- I drop into the template A the template B similar to the previous but one frame of exposure. This one do not shows the symbols elements. (cell empty)
Only appears exposure into drawing element (no symbol) if it are present.
3- Next, I drop into template A, the other template C (two cells of exposure) At this point all previous cells are filled with the missed symbols exposure.
In each case I had set paste special menu /create drawings always/extend exposure and duplicate all contents symbol, to prevent cells contents replacement.
The second point: I had go to edit a template from library, next do it, I save the changes and quit the editor. Next I go to the main timeline and drop the template. The template is showed with no edit updates. I return to the editor, the changes are here. Don´t link changes with the project?
I can´t precise you if this error is constant, but sometimes occurs.
Thanks Lilly for investigate these issues and clarify our mistakes.


Ok, dear Lilly, if all works ok, here are the snapshots of the commented issues. First, the edited template content. Second to fifth, the dragging steps and paste special, ending, the same template was dragged into the main timeline and shows only one frame exposed, as the template was before its release. Best. Yoryo

No snapshots here, please visit:
Here are the images (ascendent) and a short description about it.
Thanks Lilly.

Hello Yoryo,

Would you mind sending me an email at support@toonboom.com and attaching your templates to the email so that I can test it here? I am running a test on my own templates but I would like to test on yours if at all possible.

Toon Boom Support

Hello Lilly:

Yesterday night, after send you the snapshots, I had investigate about the problem and I can saw that if I quit Animate and start it again, the templates are showed as the editor had saved the last time. In both cases, template into template and template in main timeline, with all exposure. I hadn´t still tested with one frame exposure templates, but will do it. May be that this behavior will help you to elucidate the problem.
I will collect and send the templates to you for tech testing. Best.


Hello Yoryo,

If when you close and open the software the templates show okay, then that is probably a refresh issue. I sent you an email regarding the one-frame issue - I believe it’s related to the fact that you have the option “Paste all frames of symbol (full movie)” selected, when I don’t think you should. Try unchecking this option and see if it works.

Toon Boom Support

Hello Lilly.

All you investigated about the related issues are excellent job. Thanks Lilly.
And the more important points elucidated, (this is for the knowledge of the all users) are:
1- If when drag a one-frame template containing symbols, to the main timeline or inside a similar estructure template, if you set paste special as “Paste all frames of the symbol (full movie)” the pasted template are showed with all symbols elements in 0 (drawing substitution) and not shows visual exposure. All you needs to do is uncheck this option in similar conditions.
Also, checking “Create drawings only when they do not exist”, works better than “Always create drawings” in this condition.
2- Only remains one issue to solve: when I edit a template, save changes, close the editor and drag the template again in the project timeline, the changes are not reflected (at least on my system). I need quit Animate and open it again, to see the changes. This topic is being investigated by Lilly, Toon Boom support.


One issue to solve: when I edit a template, save changes, close the editor and drag the template again in the project timeline, the changes are not reflected (at least on my system). I need quit Animate and open it again, to see the changes.
Lilly said:
What I meant by a refresh problem is that unfortunately sometimes the software doesn’t reload the content effectively. Sometimes you can solve this problem by switching to the drawing view and back to the camera view, sometimes you can solve it by changing the frame, or by doing a quick render preview then going back to OpenGL. If none of this works, then I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do. Just make sure that your graphics card drivers are up to date so that it’s not an OpenGL problem.