Templates in PLE

Hi All
Do the templates work in the PLE version ?, I can’t get them to work using the cels method. Shame about the lack of scene manager on Animate but I will probably end up buying purely because of the speed of producton.


Well thanks for your help everyone >:( got it sorted. And I’m gonna do that annoying thing of not saying how I got it sorted.

hey dudie.
i just read your thread and i’m wondering too how the templates work.
you might tell me?


working with templates is very easy.

In the time line you just select all the cells, symbols and pegs you want to reuse in another scene.
After that, copy and than paste them into a folder in the library.
Animate will ask you how to call your template and it’s done.

Now, you can reuse your animation in other scenes.
You just have to take the template from the library and put it in to your timeline and you’ll find all your cells, symbols,… from you first animation.

A word for dudiedood:

I hope you don’t try to produce with the PLE version.
This won’t work and you will loose a lot of time!!! :o

Your exports will be water marked.
And even if you decide to animate in the PLE version and then render it later with a lincesed one, that won’t work. Because the purchased version of Animate doesn’t recognize cells from the PLE.

I hope it’s not to late and good luck for your pruduction.



Yeah thanks stef ;D I was doing it in PLE but I have the full version now, that was the problem. Thanks