Templates from Harmony 11 not fitting on a scene opened on Harmony 12 - possible solution

Hi everyone:

We’ve just migrate from Harmony 11 to Harmony12, and our animators came to me complaining that some of their templates was not “matching” anymore on Harmony 12.
On Harmony 11 the templates match with no problem at all. (they made more than 50 short 30s film with those templates).

The weird thing is that, some of them matched, and some don´t.

When we opened our template as a scene and saved them on Harmony 12, they began to match again… That is a problem that we didn’t had when we migrate from Harmony 10 to 11.
It seems that if you just open the scene, something is done to it, that some of the V11 templates just stop matching.

I don’t know what is the change Hamony 12 makes, and I don’t know how can test it, but, just opening and saving the template on v12, made thing go right again.


As far as I know, Harmony is backward compatible unless the scene contains the old effects which is no longer valid in new version which might be converted to be compatible to version 12 but without having more details, it will be hard to tell.

I think it is better you to contact Toon Boom support for more information