Templates do not show up in the preview window

I’ve successfully saved templates to a sub folder in the templates folder. Although they show up with the correct names in the library view, the actual images of the templates don’t appear in the preview window, instead I see the lego block. Please assist.


I tried that with no sucess, the thumbnails do not appear in the preview window or in the library column. Symbols do, but not drawings.

What type of drawings are they?

standard vector drawings or are they bitmap images?

Is there a drawing in the first frame? Is it blank or lego blocks after generating the thumbnails?

Try right-clicking on the lego thumbnail and then selecting “Generate thumbnails”. Do you see the correct thumbnail now?


Can you please include a screenshot so that I can see exactly what you’re talking about? Did you save these templates by dragging and dropping into the new subfolder or did you save them on the file system manually and then Open Location?