Template update question


I have a question about templates and how best to update them.

If I’ve created a template of a character and let say the character has 3 different hand shapes. If I use this template in an animation and add two more hand shapes to it and I would like for those two hand shapes to be included in the template so if I use this template again in another animation I can use all five hand shapes what would be the best way to update that template. I know that templates can be edited but how do you get those new hand shapes to that template. I tried to copy the cells from the animation that I made the new hand shapes in and paste them in to the template when I had it open to edit but that didn’t work. I also tried to select the elements and overwrite the template with the same name but it wouldn’t allow me to do that either. I could save it as the same name as the other template and add a suffix to it but that seems a little awkward and I thought that some helpful person on the forums would have a better method.


Make a template of the new hands (drag the hand drawings into the library from the timeline) and then go to ‘edit template’ to change your character template, and drag the new hand drawings to the character’s hand layer.

Thanks DessieX. I’ll give that a try.