Template Problem

I’m having a problem with a template that I have edited. I made a template for a background in a scene. I’m also using that template/background for other scenes in this animation. I went into the template library, chose right to modify and edited that template. The template works in all the scenes correctly except the original scene in was created in. If I delete that template in the scene and reimport the new/edited template I keep getting the original/unedited template as my background, but only in the original scene. As far as I can tell this template should not exist in its original form as it has been edited. Is there a directory this might have been saved in that I can’t find?

Thanks for the reply Lilly. I’m not sure I understand how this works. I deleted the layer for my background and dragged the new layer for the edited background onto the camera view. The old/unedited version is what showed up. I can see the new/edited version in the library thumbnail but the old version is what shows up when I drag and drop it. I’ve used this new version of the background in new scenes and it works properly. Unfortunately I’ve resorted to rebuilding the whole scene from scratch. I was under the impression that if I updated symbols or templates in the library those changes would be reflected in scenes I have already created. Next time I will try using the Paste Special option and see if that might work.
Thanks again for your help.

The way that the template library works is that when you create a template, it copies that template into a directory on your file system (by default in My Documents). That template there is now a copy from the original scene, but they are separate.

So when you go and modify the template in your library, it doesn’t automatically update the original scene. This seems to be clear to you from what you’re describing.

Now the question is, when you are deleting the element in your original scene, are you deleting just the exposure of that drawing? I.e. the contents of the cell? Or are you deleting the whole layer?

If you’re just deleting the exposure, when you drag and drop the template back in, it might just be calling the exposure of the template. I.e., it might just be saying, call up drawing number 1.

If, when you drag and drop, you hold down the Control key, then it will pop up the Paste Special options. Then you can select Always Create Drawings and it will copy the drawings in as a new drawing.

Or, if you delete the whole layer, then when you drag and drop it in, it should create a new layer.


Well the way that templates work is that a template stored in the library is sort of your master global access to that set of drawings.

When you drag and drop your template into your scene, it actually creates an instance of the original, it’s not linked to the original. This way any changes that you make in your master will not effect scenes that have already been started with those templates.

A symbol is linked, however. When you change something in the symbol, the changes change in the main scene in real time. The only difference is that symbols are local to a single project, and are not shared across other projects.

You should definitely not have to rebuild your scene - you should be able to import the updated drawing in and swap to it right away.