template library problem ?

hi once again . .
when i am saving my work i created a folder called TOON BOOM STUDIO and i put all my work there - now that im trying to work with the library section of the program i find that i cant access the templates - ive tried following the tutorial but i just get lost with it .
In the left hand window of library i have : animation(my current project on screen) Local then Global then Toon boom Templates then the new library i created TOON BOOM STUDIO.
Trying to load up templates is a no no

where am i going wrong people ?

thanks in advance brian ;D

If I’m following you correctly, I think your Toon Boom Studio catalog needs to be inside the Global catalog. Once there, you can drag your templates to and from that catalog.

I find it to be easiest to drag and drop from the Timeline, but I think JK uses the Exposure sheet.

Here’s a screenshot of the catalogs I have inside the Global catalog. Each of those templates is actually a “peg folder”, with several elements inside.


Your newly created library does not need to be inside the Global library. If you created it using the Create Library function it can be a stand alone library.

I drag and drop assets into my libraries both from the exposure sheet and from the timeline. It all depends on the nature of the asset. If it is just a single cell (drawing) then taking it from the exposure sheet works fine. If it is an element or multiple elements, those assets usually need to be pegged and therefore dragging the collapsed peg from the timeline is the way to go.

As to your specific issue: Did you create the “Toon Boom Studio” library from the library panel using the Create Library command? If not, it isn’t a library.

So create your new library from inside TBS using the Create Library command and then you can add templates to it or import existing templates into it. Just be sure to save your current project when you finish because that also causes the library and its contents to be saved. If you don’t save your current project after adding assets to a library and then you exit TBS the library assets will not have been saved and will appear to have vanished, which they did because they weren’t saved. This may not be your problem but it might explain your missing assets. -JK

ok guys i think ive found my problem - DOH! im such a fool - i had not created a new catalog to begin with so no wonder i could not save anything into my TBS folder - thanks for the feedback as always guys - thank goodness your there brian ;D