Template Import and Peg Positions

I have a character that imports fine as a template, and another that I cannot get to import correctly. The problem is that the pegs and deform rigs are all horizontally out of register upon importation. I’ve tried with and without keyframing frame one; setting peg positions as a separate X Y path, local path, 3D path.

I’ve searched the forum but didn’t see my exact issue. I thought I followed the instructions, but I’m obviously missing something. What’s a common mistake that could cause this issue?

Under scene settings / alignment, there is a choice between 4:3 and 1:1 aspect. I had created a template with 1:1 because of a recommendation in a tutorial. When I brought the template into a scene with 4:3, pegs and deform rigs shifted horizontally out of place.

Historic Note: At the time that I saw the tutorial that promoted the 1:1 ratio I was concerned that the 4:3 setting might introduce distortion into the actual artwork. This is because earlier in my career I had to deal with legacy video that was shot or rendered as 4:3 NTSC pixel (the actual pixels were rectangular and not square). If the aspect and video field/frame issue was not handled correctly, it could ruin compositing. The 4:3 field guide setting in Toonboom is unrelated to the pixel shape, as best I can tell. It is merely a unit of measure and does not distort the video image - in case anyone is interested.