template building - frustrated beyond belief!

Okay, I’ve made a character with five views, he’s cut into segments (head, neck, torso hips, upper arms, lower arms, hands, upper thighs, shins, and feet. I’ve parented and childed the levels of limbs, I’ve attempted to set the pivot points with only limited results - they line up on some views but not in others, and I can’t get the thing to save in the library where I can pull a copy out to use. All I get is the peg with nothing attached to it!

I’ve read, and REREAD the tutorials, and watched the videos, and it’s still a mess. I don’t want to get so frustrated I quit…


Well, to save (drag) a whole hierarchy into the Library one has to collapse the peg,
or top-element first, before dragging it into the Library…
In Studio one can set (line-up) permanent pivot-points only once per element…

if you want to set different pivot points in different views (cells) in one element,
I guess, you have to use “Toon Boom Animate” or above…?

If you have by any chance the free “Animate-PLE” installed and with it the free
“Kick-Start-Videos, please check out “chapter08-9.flv” (setting the pivots).


You might get some insight into setting pivot points and the limitations of using different views with the same pivot point by reading this article. TOON BOOM FUNDAMENTALS - THE BASICS PART 2

It is best to keep cut-out character rigs as simple as possible which usually means separating each view point into its own rig. Trying to over model a single rig significantly slows down animating and also takes longer than making many simple rigs. -JK