template and top view

Why does my imported template appear as a bunch of layers in the top view?

Yes, the template functions as is should in the camera view, but when i go to the Top View to arrange the depth of all the pieces in the scene my template doesnt appear as one layer. All my other layers are there and can easily be moved but my template appears as all the different pieces of the template… i see pupils, eyeballs, arms, legs, body etc which make it a bit difficult to move around in the field of depth.

sorry i dont have screenshot

I’m not sure what you mean by this… You have a template, and you drag and drop it into the Camera View. Are you seeing anything in the Camera View? What exactly are you seeing in the Top View?

Maybe a screenshot could help here. Upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket then paste the link here.


Yes this is the way it should be. A template is a sub-scene, and when you import it into your scene, it brings in all the elements. If you want to animate all those elements together, then you can group those elements in a peg layer, and then select the peg to move all the elements together.