tell me what i'm doing wrong please?? confused about symbols

i’m used to flash and i got toonboom harmony 12 advanced a couple of days ago. i managed to figure out most of how to use everything but i’ve run into some trouble with symbols. I made a symbol, then from within the symbol i made a couple of extra frames of animation. when i went back to the main timeline to see how it looked with everything else, the extra frames don’t show up in the camera/drawing area. i’ve tried scrubbing through the timeline, playing it, rendering and playing it but it’s not showing the additional frames i made. but when i go into the symbol itself, they’re there and play fine.

im assuming there’s just something really simple i’m missing???

simple solution = don’t use symbols.
They’re totally unnecessary for harmony -they just added them to make the flash people feel more comfortable with the transition.

I’ve used Harmony for a decade and never needed one.

You can just keep everything on a layer, use displays, or the drawing view to isolate the image, and you can save each drawing as a template in the library.

I’m confused on exactly how you’re attempting to use the symbols. If your talking about the parameters thing, where you can change it from 1, 2, 3, etc… or maybe you named them, i dont. I use them for simple changes in the looks of drawings. For example, when I have a car all drawn and rigged with the doors closed, ill create a new symbol drawing for the door layer, and draw the door open as a new symbol, now I can change the symbol on a new frame, allowing me to have a simple way to open/close the door. closed door would be symbol 1, and open door would be symbol 2. You can not have multiple symbols open on the same layer on the same frame.

If this was not your question, I apologize, but it sounds like that’s what your dealing with, as I was just as confused about drawing substitutes/parameters when I first got going with Harmony.

Yea you really don’t use symbols to animate in harmony. Every piece of the rig can be accessible on stage without the need for that kind of nesting and diving in/out of symbols. It will take some time to understand coming from flash but once you do you’ll realize how much faster and easier this is.