telestrator-style animation?

Can telestrator-style animation be done with ToonBoom Studio in an easy way? If so, how? If not, can it be done with Digital Pro?

By “telestrator-style” I mean that I would like to make an animation in which it appears that a telestrator is being used (one sees the arrow and circles being “drawn” on the animation).

Thank you.

TBS can’t be used as an actual “tele-strator”, but it can easily be used to simulate tele-strator like animated drawing just not real-time or interactive like a tele-strator. But if your goal is to have it appear that drawings are magically being done as the viewer watches the movie then , yes, that’s just basic animation and TBS is great for creating that effect. If you want or need it to be real-time and interactive then you might want to look at Flash. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial on how to simulate drawing in TBS one of these days. -JK

Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, I was just looking for tips as to how to create that effect in TBS (since I am a newbie).

I understand how to do straight lines, but was wondering if there is an easier way to do circles and sqiggly items besides doing frame-by-frame animation (adding a bit more of the circle in each frame).

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Here is a trick of the trade on doing writing on the screen or progressive drawing etc. Do the last frame cell first. Then duplicate that cell and erase a tiny portion of the drawing. Then duplicate that cell and erase another tiny portion. Keep repeating this process until all the original cell’s drawing is erased, you have complete control as to how many cells it takes to fully erase the drawing. When you are through, all you have to do is reverse the order of the cells and you have a drawing that comes to life through animation. -JK

That’s a great explanation. Thanks!

I’ve also been reading the tutorials on your websites.
They are fantastic!

Thank you very much for being so generous with your time!

Below is a link to a new tutorial on how to create this type of animation, I hope you learn some new tricks from it. -JK


Wow, great! Thanks so much for the tutorial.
Definitely learned quite a lot from it.