Teething problems upgrading from Digital Pro

I run Toon Boom Digital Pro on an imac 2-4 ghz with 4GB ram. I have recently upgraded to Animate Pro via download, and can only get 4 or 5 colours on default palette, without generating colours from these, or importing a project. I have also begun working through the getting started material, but found that I cannot locate the material used in the task/examples. Have I got something wrong with my copy, or am I looking in the wrong directory for these items and palettes? Or should I have deleted Digital Pro either prior or after installing Animate Pro? Any help on this matter would be most welcome. Thank you.


Concerning the default palette we did lower the amount of color in it. This being said if you use a specific range of colors you could create yourself a custom palette that you would load in all your projects.

As for the material for the tutorials make sure that you download it from the website along with the video from the following link:


(there is a link under the Tutorials section for Sample Material, that is the material package).

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Thank you for your help. I have done what you suggested.

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