Tech support issues and confidence

About a month ago I posted in reference to how awesome Toon Boom Customer service has been since I started using their products last year. Unfortunately this post doesn’t carry the same excitement. I recently purchased Animate 1 on 3/1/10. Then a couple days later received an Email stating that I would receive Animate 2 free due to Animate 2s announcement a couple days later. I then received an Animate 2 temporary license key on 4/1/10 and called tech support to understand why the license key was only temporary and still only carried Animate 1 to standards. After several emails back and forth with a representative from tech support he assured me that he would call me back today after speaking to the web master about the issue to get me a permanent license for Animate. The call never came and resulted in me calling back this afternoon. The gentleman from tech support that I had been speaking to around the issue seemed to not even remember the communication that we had yesterday after spending over an hour on the phone as well as 4 emails. When he finally was able to comprehend the issue he told me I had to send my license key back and they would not be able to issue me a new one until Monday. Even though their recording states their offices will be closed on Monday due to the Easter holiday.

Maybe this a small issue for some or even most people but after waiting so long and saving money to purchase such an expensive product. It worries me that a simple follow up call could not be fore filled to tell me what the issue was and what it would take to get it resolved before everyone left the office. This situation definitely hurts my confidence in ToonBoom’s support.

To be fair they made it very clear in the emails how the temp key worked. I had no issues getting my full licence code.

They are probably very busy with the upgrades. You have your temp key until the full one is issued, so not like there will be any downtime for you using animate 2.

Thats just it. I never received that email. I just got a license code email and that was it. It referenced nothing about it being a temporary code. So when I called in the webmaster had to get involved because I never got the temporary instructions. Had that been the case it would have cleared up any confusion. The problem hear is that if you spend 2 days to get the issue resolved and it results in call back after the holiday isn’t to pleasing after spending a large amount of money on the software.

Hi Grady,

I apologise for any inconvenience that you went through on your journey to activate the software. During a transitionary period when a new software comes out, there is a learning curve on the part of support as well, when we are learning what are the problems that people are encountering and how to fix them. Sometimes the answer is not immediately evident if we haven’t run across it before.

If you didn’t receive the email with the instructions, then always check your junk mailbox - it’s possible that this email could have been filtered out as spam.

For the benefit of others who are also trying to activate their software, you need to return the Animate 1 code as well as the Animate 2 temporary code, and then a permanent Animate 2 code will be issued.

Once again, sorry for any inconvenience. If you experience further problems don’t hesitate to email

Toon Boom Support