Tech Issue

Hi hopefully there is a solution to this. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the program on my desktop and to a (bought in the last year) laptop and it seems to always happen. It’s getting almost impossible to get anything done and the only way I can “clear” or reset it is to go into another setup (full screen drawing to default) and then go back. It usually happens when I am using the pencil or brush and have zoomed in on a section.

This is with the grid turned on after I zoomed into a part and then zoomed out:

This is with the grid turned off. The blue just shows up and changes every time I make a stroke:

Desktop is a P4, Ausus Mobo w/ three gigs of ram and is dual monitor
Laptop is a Dell Precision with two gigs of ram and NVidia card

ToonBoom version is 4.0

Welp, just discovered that it only happens when I leave the light table on.


You should be able to address this by going to the Edit>Preferences>Display tab and changing the renderer from OpenGL to Direct3D. Then restart the application and you should be good to go.

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Thank you! I appreciate the reply. I already had Direct3D as my renderer but what I discovered was that my ram usage was set to a low usage setting and set it to “unlimited” so far so good!